Experts in PCB Design

Pro-Cad Technologies offer a comprehensive range of printed circuit board design, pcb manufacture and pcb assembly services.

Formed in 1994, Pro-Cad Technologies is proud of its reputation for pcb design service excellence and resultant customer loyalty.

In the interests of broadening the value Pro-Cad Technologies can offer its customers, the service range is further enhanced having been selected as the UK reseller for PTC’s intelligent schematics.

PCB Design and Manufacturing by Pro Cad Technologies

Our objective is to provide broad, professional and cost-effective PCB design related services to the electronic design market place.

Whether your business has a dedicated PCB design team or operates an outsource policy, we can add value to your design processes and project planning by offering additional and flexible resources.

Pro-Cad Technologies operates in several market segments including Aerospace-Defence, Telecoms and Digital Broadcasting.